Publication in the Journal Sustanability

I'm very humble and glad to announce that my Bachelor Thesis led to a published paper in the in the special issue  "Sharing Economy and Its Role in Fostering Sustainability: How Trust and Regulation Shape Relations of Providers and Consumers" of the journal Sustainability. As my final thesis our further developed paper with the name "How Corporate Sharewashing Practices Undermine Consumer Trust" is still about Sharewashing phenomena related in the Sharing Economy. It is really nice to see that the work I've done could be further used by my fellow researcher (in particular my thesis supervisor) and didn't disappear in a drawer.  After being granted to present the preliminary results at the 4th international workshop on the sharing economy one year ago and and receiving start of this year the Gold Media Award for my thesis, this is a really good conclusion.

If you are interested in our publication you can check it out here:

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 22.04.21.png